GESI ambassadors are returned GESI students who are on Northwestern's campus, and are great resources for interested students! Ambassadors host events, panels, and talk about the GESI experience.

Jematia Chepyator

Name: Jematia Chepyator
Year: Senior
Major/Minor: Anthropology, Global Health
Country: India
Term Abroad: Summer 2015
Project: Jatan Sansthan: The project we worked on focused on menstrual health education within a small community in Udaipur.
Talk to Me About: Gender roles

Jacqueline Tang

Name: Jacqueline Tang
Year: Junior
Major/Minor: Journalism, Psychology
Country: Uganda
Term Abroad: GESI Summer 2015, CBR Summer 2016
Project: Marusacco: we built a communal enterprise and increased income generation in Baaba Yatuwa Group
Talk to Me About: Returning to Uganda as a Community Based Research (CBR) Fellow

Jacob Salomon

Name: Jacob Salomon
Year: Junior
Major/Minor: Biomedical Engineering/Global Health Studies
Country: India
Term Abroad: Summer 2016
Project: I interned for Jatan Sansthan: Our project was a compilation of case studies on the impact of the Hilor/Action for Adolescent Girls (AAG) program on each participant’s life.
Talk to Me About: Importance of relationships

Monica Garcia

Name: Monica Garcia
Year: Sophomore
Major/Minor: Undeclared
Country: Dominican Republic
Term Abroad: Summer 2016
Project: Social Entrepreneurship Corps- FOCOPI Microsavings Program: We conducted interviews and gather data from the eight FOCOPI microsavings groups in the East and South of the Dominican Republic. We then created a budget proposal, analyzed the current business model, and developed a list of recommendations for the future including modification of the financial literacy materials, new marketing materials, the implementation of a membership fee to generate revenue for regional coordinators, and more collaboration among the FOCOPI global team.
Talk to Me About: Pre-departure lessons and failed projects

Nneka Chinelo Onyeka

Name: Nneka Chinelo Onyeka
Year: Junior
Major/Minor: Political Science
Country: Uganda
Term Abroad: Summer 2016
Project: Kakira Outgrowers Rural Development, Kyomya Sanitary Pad Project
Talk to Me About: Group dynamics abroad

Odette Zero

Name: Odette Zero
Year: Senior
Major/Minor: Anthropology/ Global Health
Country: India
Term Abroad: Summer 2016
Project: Jagran Jan Vikas Samiti, booklet highlighting traditional healer life stories Talk to Me About: Group dynamics, Guatemala

Parker Levinson

Name: Parker Levinson
Year: Junior
Major/Minor: Environmental Science, African Studies
Country: Kenya
Term Abroad: Fall 2015
Project: Nabwabini Environmental Health Care Program. I worked on a combined goat and compost project where a community group received a few goats in order to assist in making better-quality compost.
Talk to Me About: Sustainable processes and identity politics abroad

Shuhan Zhang

Name: Shuhan Zhang
Year: NU Qatar student, junior
Major/Minor: Communications Studies
Country: Uganda
Term Abroad: Summer 2016
Project: Nakanyonyi SACCO: We completed an income generation program with a group of local entrepreneurs
Talk to Me About: Shifting career interests toward international development

Tomomi Suenaga

Name: Tomomi Suenaga
Year: Sophomore
Major/Minor: Industrial Engineering
Country: Uganda
Term Abroad: Summer 2016
Project: KORD: I worked with women’s savings group and schoolgirls to make reusable sanitary pads to start a small business and new class curriculum
Talk to Me About: Open-mindedness

Wendy Roldan

Name: Wendy Roldan
Year: Senior
Major/Minor: Mechanical Engineering/Segal Design Certificate
Country: Bolivia
Term Abroad: Summer 2015
Project: I interned for CEDESOL where we created educational modules for the children of the rural communities where the NGO’s solar powered stoves were delivered.
Talk to Me About: The privilege of nationality/citizenship status abroad