The application for GESI 2018 is now closed, and will reopen in November for GESI 2019. Please read the GESI application instructions below. Be sure to sign up for our email listserv to get updates about the 2019 program and application cycle.

Interested, but still have questions?

Check out the How to Learn More page for some next steps. If you're ready to apply, follow the steps below!

Step 1: Begin Application    

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The online application has several steps, required documents, and short-answer questions. Log in to the application, create or update your profile, and begin. Meetings with your advisors may be required, so give yourself at least a week before an application deadline to complete all steps. For more detailed information, save a copy of the instructions below.

Download instructions for Northwestern and NU-Q students

Download instructions for Non-Northwestern students


Step 2: Interview

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As part of your application process, you will have an hour in depth interview. This is an informal opportunity for us to learn more about you (and you more about GESI), and to make sure the program is a good fit.

Within the online application, there are instructions about scheduling an interview.  Each applicant must schedule an interview with a GESI staff member prior to submitting an application. NU-Q, non-Northwestern, and off-campus students will be interviewed virtually or by phone.

Interview preparation:

  • Skim over the Academics webpage so you are familiar.
  • Practica tu español! If you are applying to a Spanish speaking location, you will spend no more than 5 minutes speaking in Spanish to make sure you meet the minimum requirement. There is no language requirement for other locations.
  • Bring any questions you have about the program.
  • There will be a time at the end of your interview to discuss anything on the special considerations list you feel is pertinent to you. This will have no bearing on an admissions decision, it is simply an opportunity to go over any questions or concerns you may have.

Step 3: Submit Application

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After reviewing all sections, save and submit your application. Be sure to confirm that each section is complete, and all necessary forms and approvals are completed. Once submitted, within two to three weeks you will receive an email from GESI regarding acceptance, placement, and any pertinent scholarship information.