Cochabamba, BoliviaCochabamba, Bolivia

Cochabamba, Bolivia

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Bolivia is home to the Andes Mountains, Amazonian rainforests, and Lake Titicaca. Despite its economic potential, Bolivia is the poorest country in South America due to corruption and the exploitation of resources by foreign investors. GESI students work in and around the city of Cochabamba, the third largest city in Bolivia in a valley nearly 9,000 feet above sea level. 


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Cochabamba is home to La Cancha - the largest open-air market in South America. The city’s vibrant grassroots political community and strong indigenous culture make this site perfect for students interested in cementing their Spanish skills while working in multiethnic settings.

Fast Facts

  • Formal Country Name: Plurinational State of Bolivia
  • Nationality: Bolivian
  • Currency:  Bolivian Boliviano (BOP). Check XE for updated exchange rates
  • National Population: 10,800,882; 82nd in the world
  • Cochabamba Population: 1,938,401
  • Poverty Rate: 45% nationally
  • Religions: Roman Catholic 95%, Protestant 5%
  • Languages: Spanish (official), Quechua (official), Aymara (official), Guarani (official), 44 indigenous languages
  • Climate: JUN-AUG average high 75℉ average low 39℉, average rainfall 3-7.5in
  • Independence: Former colony of Spain, independence 1825