Masaya, NicaraguaMasaya, Nicaragua

Masaya, Nicaragua

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Foundation for Sustainable Development

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Though the region is well known for its volcanic features and beautiful lakes, residents of Ciudad Sandino experience poor infrastructure, low socioeconomic status, and few opportunities to improve their situation. Nicaragua is an exciting location for participants who desire to implement innovative approaches to participatory development in collaboration with local organizations.

Fast Facts

  • National Population: 5,848,641; 111th in the world
  • Ciudad Sandino Population: 101,929
  • GDP: $27.97 billion, 119th in the world
  • Poverty Rate: 42.5% nationally
  • Life Expectancy: 72.7 years; 130th in the world 
  • Literacy Rate: 78% nationally, over the age of 15
  • Religions: Roman Catholic 58.5%, Protestant 23.3%, Other 2.5%, None 15.7%
  • Languages: Spanish (official), Rama, 11 other languages
  • Climate: JUN-AUG average high 82℉ average low 72℉, average rainfall 1-3in  
  • Industries: Small manufaturing, coffee and cotton production
  • History: Former colony of Spain, independence 1821